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Why You Shouldn't Price Shop When Choosing Your Florist

Written By Samantha ritchie 13 Feb 2019
Why You Shouldn't Price Shop When Choosing Your Florist
You’re on a budget. I TOTALLY get it. But in this blog post, I want to share with you why I think your flowers are NOT something to skimp on when you’re planning your wedding.

Brides may be tempted to “price shop” when choosing their florist, just as they would with a DJ or caterer. However, often unlike those vendors, florists don’t have set prices on flowers. Our prices vary greatly depending on the size of arrangement, flowers in season, and the type of piece we’re creating in general.

Price shopping, aka getting estimates from multiple florists in order to compare them against each other, totally focuses on the price, rather than the value. Instead, I encourage you to actually look at what you’re getting for the money. For example, Florist A has a bouquet of roses and carnations for $150. Florist B has a bouquet of roses and carnations for $200. From this information, we know the prices, but we don’t know how many roses vs. carnations are included in each bouquet. What if the lower-priced bouquet is less expensive because that florist used mostly carnations and only a few roses?

It’s important to look at everything you get along with your flower order. Does the cheaper
florist respond to your questions quickly and efficiently? Do they have a reputation of
delivering on time and exceeding other brides’ expectations? Do they make you feel important? Do they make you feel at ease during this huge moment in your life?

Your florist should be making your wedding planning process MORE exciting, and LESS stressful. And that’s something we pride ourselves on at River Valley Designs.

So, what do we suggest brides do INSTEAD of price shopping?
  • Find a florist that lays it all on the table.
  • Find a florist you can vibe with.
  • Find a florist that you’re 100% confident in.
  • Do your research. Find a florist with great reviews by people you trust, a portfolio with flowers that fit your style, and one that will be extremely professional throughout the process.
  • Meet your florist in person and be upfront about all of your wants, desires, and budget.

As I florist, I personally like to ask my brides about their specific budget. However, I also say, “budget aside, explain your dream wedding”. From there, I estimate the price of the wedding according to her vision. If it’s way over budget, I walk the bride through detailed options on how to cut costs. They usually go with the “dream wedding” quote, because after all, it really is one of the biggest days of your life and you want it to be everything you’ve always imagined. 

I want my brides to know exactly what to expect. I never want to lead my brides on to believe that I can do their dream wedding for the super-low-end of their budget. This is important to me because I feel like that can easily lead to disappointment, and that’s the LAST thing I want when we’re working together. As a florist, it’s my duty to be totally upfront, honest, and transparent. 

Another great way to cut costs when choosing your wedding flowers is to use a couple of your FAVORITE flowers in a bouquet that’s surrounded by less expensive options. Example: If peonies are your absolute favorite, we could add a couple peonies into each bouquet/ arrangement but also add other blooms that will help keep your costs down, rather than a full arrangement of peonies.

Another tip we share with our brides on a budget is to use flowers that are in season! It’s important to trust your florist to make substitutions or suggestions of something with similar quality. Peonies will not look their absolute best for a September wedding, so in that case, we would suggest dahlias, garden roses, or mums.

As you go through your wedding planning process, it’s important to be 100% honest with EVERYONE involved: caterers, DJs, wedding planners, florists, friends, family, etc. When communicating with your florist, be upfront. If you LOVE the tall centerpieces but you can’t budget for a roomful of them, we would suggest creating 5-6 pieces you’re truly in love with, and supplementing with some smaller ones in other areas to keep your costs down. There are endless ways to create your dream flowers while on a budget and we will be there for you every step of the way to make sure we come up with something you’ll marvel at once you see them in person. :)

“I don’t want to spend a lot of money on flowers, since they will just die, anyway”.

Sound familiar?? I get this ALL OF THE TIME, unfortunately. However, I would encourage you to rewire your thinking on this statement. In my opinion, this is the total opposite of the truth. Your flowers will be a focal point in your wedding photos for the rest of your life. Your bouquet is one of your best accessories that day!

The food, cake, and music only last one day, too…. But, your flowers totally set the mood for your wedding. Also, they’re such a great conversation piece. They are called a “centerpiece”, after all. :)

I encourage you to look at your flowers as something that last soooo much longer than one day. It’s my job to show you the value of these beautiful pieces of nature and inspire you to appreciate them for the rest of your life - whether they’re just in the wedding photos that will hang in your living room, or if you choose to somehow preserve and display them so you can enjoy their colors and textures for the rest of your life.